Preparing kids for a digital future


Our Mission is to ignite curiosity about computer science and turn programming into play.
Our world is digital but our schools are analog. To achieve their full potential kids need to understand how computers and software work. Our first game, “The Foos” teaches kids 5 to 8 the ABC’s of computer science.

Why codeSpark?


  • Computer science is a new way of thinking
  • Programming is the heart of computer science
  • Kids learn at their own pace without help
  • We’ve created the first fun “ABC’s of computer science”
  • codeSpark is for all kids, not just the tech inclined

Meet the codeSpark Foos


Foo Who?

Foos were only discovered by scientists very recently.  They are microscopic and live deep inside of computer chips. Foos can be programmed to do almost anything, however, to be truly happy Foos need to have fun and help each other.



Since there are more and more computers in the world and since Foos live inside all of them, the Foos’ world is always growing. Our Foos live in downtown Fooville and are surrounded by themed areas like Foo Zoo, Foo Games, Foo Studio and Foo Theater. Players who are good at programming the Foos will unlock more characters, more programming commands and more adventures!


Glitch Attack!

Whatever you do, don’t press this button!  It unleashes the Glitch!  Glitches are forces of chaos in the Fooville.  They can be stopped but players must both catch them and fix things they break, including Foo programing!