5 Activities to Go Beyond An Hour of Code

Students playing The Foos

Hour of Code has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you and your students can’t continue to learn to code. Here are some activities you can do with your kids to keep your students engaged and excited about coding:

1. More Coding Puzzles

codeSpark Academy’s Hour of Code experience has 12 coding puzzles – giving your first-time coders a basic introduction to important coding concepts like sequencing and loops. Register for a FREE teacher dashboard account to unlock all 61 puzzles in codeSpark Academy. The puzzle levels cover more computer science concepts such as events and conditionals, while also reinforcing the sequencing and loop concepts from Hour of Code. You can also track your students’ progress through the teacher dashboard, as well as control what portions of the game your classroom can play.

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2. Get Creative

Coding is used to create everything from websites to video games to fashion and music.  While our Hour of Code experience offers a tutorial and one game kit to get kids started making their own games, the full version of codeSpark Academy has additional games kits and hundreds of items for them to use when create and publish their own levels. Give your students a theme to code their game around and see what they come up with.

3. Take if offline with Unplugged Activities

The Foos Unplugged

Learning to code doesn’t always have to be through a screen. Our free 10 lesson curriculum, available in the Teacher Dashboard, has an unplugged activity for every lesson. If you’re looking for more unplugged projects, check out CS Unplugged for additional activities that cover coding concepts ranging from algorithms to if/then statements. You can also combine coding and crafts to create a binary bracelet.

4. Start a Coding Club

Students Coding

Got a lot of students interested in coding? Start an after school coding club to keep their interest in coding alive. Our 10 lesson curriculum has enough material for a 10 week coding club that meets once a week. code.org also has lots of other free resources and videos for you and your students to use. If you need help organizing the club, code.org also has a list of volunteers you can use to find someone local to contact.

5. Start Learning a Coding Language


Python and Javascript

For older students (4th or 5 grade) who’ve played through all of codeSpark Academy’s coding puzzles, their next step would be to learn a coding language. Javascript or Python are both easy languages to learn – and are the languages that most developers learn first. Khan Academy and codeacademy have courses on Javascript and Python available for free.
Let us know what you and your students are doing to go beyond an hour! Email us at info@codespark.org. We’d love to hear from you. Happy coding!