We founded codeSpark because we believe all kids are natural builders and programming is one of the most rewarding and powerful ways to build. We are inspired by the great building toys of the past like Lincoln Logs, Erector sets and Legos.

We are a Pasadena, CA based team building world-class learning games for kids. We are powered by optimism and a belief that silliness is highly under appreciated.



Grant Hosford

CEO and Co-Founder

Grant is an experienced entrepreneur who has spent the last 15 years building successful digital businesses in Seattle and Los Angeles. Grant has deep expertise in new product launches, has lived on 4 continents and comes from a family of educators. He’s a husband, father of three kids, coaches girls soccer and rides bikes often.

Joe Shochet

Product and Co-Founder

Joe has been building world-class and award winning children’s games for over 20 years. He helped create the first version of Alice3D still in use at over 300 universities for CS 101 and led the creation of ToonTown Online for Disney. He’s a husband, father of three kids, a LEGO Mindstorm coach and a competitive soccer player.




Daniel Leyzberg

Daniel received his Ph.D in computer science from Yale. He is currently a Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University.

Colleen Lewis

Colleen Lewis, Ph.D., specializes in computer science education and curriculum development. She is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Harvey Mudd College.

Kent Steen

Kent is a teacher and curriculum specialist for computer science at Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska. He has a Ph.D in Instructional Technology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is a teacher trainer for code.org.


These pictures celebrate the builders among us