codeSpark and Computer Science For All

Earlier this year President Obama announced the Computer Science For All Initiative, which aims to make computer science education available to every student in America. This is part of codeSpark’s mission, as we want to make computer science available to all kids everywhere.

codeSpark’s Mission

Our CEO saw first hand how difficult it was to find computer science resources for his first grader daughter. He co-founded codeSpark on the idea that all kids should be able to learn computer science regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic background, or learning difficulty.

Our mission directly aligns with the CS For All Initiative and we’re committed to supporting the coding movement with our game codeSpark Academy with The Foos.

No Words Interface

We designed the game to be easily accessible – no words means kids don’t need to know how to read or even speak the same language to play and share games with others. This way kids of all abilities all over the world are able to play. To date, we’ve had 4 MILLION KIDS play in 201 COUNTRIES.

Awesome Girl Characters

Kids start the game with a female lead – a police officer who can solve her own problems (with the help of the kid programmer). Our female characters range from police officers to queens to pilots, who are NEVER rescued, something that games today are still lacking. We believed that having our girl characters be independent and have a variety of different roles would appeal to girls, and it’s paid off! About 50% of our players are girls, and our most popular characters are our female Astronaut Foo and Ninja Girl.

Community Involvement

A recent game design summer camp for low income girls in Pasadena, CA was an important step toward creating a “camp in a box” model that can be used by organizations like the YMCA. We worked with local non-profit STEAM:CODERS to recruit girls interested in game design and kids coding school Coding For Treasure donated staff and facilities. 15 girls ages 7 to 11 learned the basics of game design and coding. On “demo day” each girl presented a game they created using The Foos’ Game Creator.

In addition we are providing free curriculum and resources for educators, along with a free teacher dashboard for use with our game. We believe schools are the best way for ALL kids to have access to coding education, and are committed to keeping the game free for public schools and non-profits.

Continued Commitment to Computer Science For All

Our commitment to supporting the CS For All Initiative has allowed us to join the hundreds of other organizations in the CSforAll Consortium. We are proud to be a part of the consortium as well as being invited to participate in the 2016 CSforAll Summit. codeSpark stands by its mission to computer science for all kids everywhere and will continue to do so with every new update and feature in the game.

If you’re more of a visual person…check out our infographic below