What You Should Know as a codeSpark Beta Tester

Being a codeSpark beta tester (for free) is pretty great. You get to test some of the newest features in codeSpark Academy, tell us how much you love/hate them, see your tablet burst into flames…(just kidding).

With that being said, there are some things you should before you dive into beta testing for codeSpark:

Signing Up as a Tester

If you are interested in being a beta tester, you can sign up through this Google Form. We will contact you if you match our beta testing requirements.

Signing Up for TestFlight

If we reach out to you as a codeSpark iOS tester, we will be sending you an email through Apple’s TestFlight. You’ll have to first download the TestFlight app, which will then prompt you to download the new codeSpark Academy app for testing.

Testing and Saving

If you encounter and crashes or bugs, you can send screenshots to support@codespark.org. We will also be sending out a survey at the end of the testing period.

Any progress you have on the beta testing version of the app will not be transferred to the live version of the app.


If you’re a teacher and would like to test our new features, DO NOT set up your classrooms using the test app. Your progress WILL NOT be saved or transferred once the app is published (and we don’t want you to go through the hassle of setting up classrooms again).

Thank you!

We appreciate any help and feedback, as that helps us make codeSpark Academy the best app possible when it goes out to our global audience. If you’re still interested in testing, please sign up through our Google Form. And for those about to test…we salute you.