[Updated] Design Your Own Holiday Foo and Win a Foo Shirt!


Design Your Own Foo!

The holidays are in full force in Fooville and we want to see what kind of Foos YOU think should be there. Just have a parent or teacher download THIS printable Foo, then draw, color, paint, and craft your very own Foo. You can make your Foo into anything you want – you can give your Foo hair, clothes, an activity, a place, and something to say. At the bottom of your page, let us know what/where your Foo is or what your Foo is doing. Then have a grownup scan or take a picture of your Foo and send it to us through Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Download The Foo (English)

Download The Foo (Español)

Download The Foo (中文-简体)

Download The Foo(中文-繁體)

Download The Foo (Français)

Download The Foo (Italiano)

Download The Foo (한국어)

ninja-shirtAgain, those directions are:

Print, design, pic, send!

It’s as easy as that!

And if you send us your Foo, you will be entered into a drawing for our brand new NINJA FOO t-shirt!

PLUS all of the Foos sent to us will be put into a video and featured on our YouTube channel!

Just make sure to get your Foo-tastic designs to us by 11:59 PM PST on January 6th, 2016.

See you in Fooville!