[UPDATED] Wear a Foo Costume and Win A T-Shirt!

Halloween is right around the corner and we here at codeSpark are getting into the spirit with costumes!

If you or your kids don’t want to have a normal run-of-the-mill Halloween costume (who wants the be the 10th witch/ghost/pirate/ghost pirate witch at school?), why not dress as a Foo? Our characters are easy to make and you’ll have the most unique costume around (unless everyone decides to dress like Foos…)

Here are some basic ideas for a Foo costume. These ideas are very budget friendly and you probably already have clothes that can work!

Police Foo

PoliceFoo Costume
The heroine of Chapter 1, Police Foo is fond of putting things in order and eating tasty pastries.

How to dress like Police Foo:
– All green clothing & shoes
– Green shoulder length wig
– Police Hat (you can buy one off Amazon or, if you’re more creative, make one)
– Whistle or walkie talkie (you can make a fake one from a small cardboard box and some wire for the antenna)
– Donuts

Construction Foo

Construction Foo CostumeConstruction Foo is all about building things and then blowing them up over and over again.

How to dress like Construction Foo:
– All orange clothing & shoes
– Yellow construction helmet (you can buy one at Michael’s and then glue on some yellow foam squares for the details)
– Wrench
– Optional: “Dynamite” (roll a piece of red construction paper into a cylinder, glue two red circles that can cover both ends of the cylinder, glue on a quarter of a shopping bag handle for the “fuse”) or a cardboard box for his “crates”


Ninja Foo

NinjaFoo Costume

Our favorite ninja girl is all about getting her pet octopus’ kites back. No obstacle is too big or too small for her to get through.

How to dress like Ninja Foo:
– All black clothing & shoes
– Ski Mask or balacava
For the hair buns: take two pieces of black cloth and wrap each around a 1.5″ styrofoam ball. Instead of a styrofoam ball, you can also wrap the fabric around a wad of cotton balls. Glue the ends of the cloth together, then glue the fabric balls onto a black hair band. If you have enough hair to make hair buns, tie your hair up into two hair buns, cover them with a round piece of fabric and then use some hair ties to hold the fabric in place. You can even tie in some black ribbon around the bun for an extra touch.
– Plastic or foam sword
– Bananas

Astronaut Foo

AstroFoo Costume

First her puppy goes missing, then she finds herself in an astroid field…crazy events keep happening to Astronaut Foo!

How to dress like Astronaut Foo:
– White ski jacket, pants, and gloves
– Some red duct tape to tape around the arms and knees of the jacket and pants (you can also hot glue some red ribbon instead)
– Short purple wig
– For the Jetpack: take 2 cardboard tubes the length of your torso and paint them silver. Cover the top and bottom with some silver construction paper. Glue the two tubes together side by side. Print out this fire template on some blue and purple construction paper and glue it to the bottom of the two cylinders. Glue or velcro it to the back of the ski jacket. You can also attach red straps to the tubes and wear it like a backpack instead.
– For the helmet: You can purchase a clear acrylic globe and drill a couple holes into it to breathe. Or just hold it if you don’t want to put it on your head.
– Puppy

Chef Foo

ChefFoo CostumeIF you ask Chef Foo to cook you something tasty, THEN he’ll be more than happy to do so. ELSE, he’d just go fishing.

How to dress like Chef Foo:
– All bluish-purple clothing & shoes
– Lightweight cooking pot with handle (wear it backwards)
– Wooden spoon
– Pig
– Optional: Fishing rod (could be a long stick with some string glued or tied to the end)



The Glitch

The Glitch Costume

Look out! The Glitch is causing trouble again. He means well but you just know that he’s going mess something up.

How to dress like The Glitch:

– Blue pants
– Blue Hooded Jacket or Sweater
Horns: You can either get a Viking Helmet and paint it blue (if you go this route your sweater doesn’t need a hood). Or, you can make horns out of fleece but cutting out 4 pieces of white fleece in the shape of the Glitch horns and sewing 2 together. Stuff the horns with some stuffed animal stuffing and then sew those onto the hood of your jacket.
– Eyes: If you’re using a hooded jacket, glue some craft foam eyes onto the top left and right sides of the hood,

We hope that these ideas for dressing like the Foos are helpful! Email, Tweet, or Facebook message us a photo of your Foo costume and we’ll send you a t-shirt and stickers!