Come One, Come All – To the Great Foodini’s Magic Show!

Foonicorn Magic Show Winner - Difficult Glitch Racing

As the Great Foodini’s Lovely Assistants, we had some pretty impressive shows, feats, and especially code to play through over the past two weeks and we are so excited to tell you about our Magic Show lineup!

Our Center Stage Illusions – and winners of the 2,000 Abracadabra Coin Bonuses! – are…

Foonicorn’s Pick for Best Coding: Difficult Glitch Racing (D9BMM6EV4)

The Glitch’s Pick for Wildest and Wackiest: Fun Box Kablooey (MZB49MRE6)

The Great Foodini’s Pick for Most Magical: Magic Magic Magic (79VKAJAEP)

We also have our Sensational Sideshows – all of them winners of the 1,000 Abracadabra Coin Bonuses!

Foonicorn’s Picks:

  • Rainbow Trap Mountain (7EEPG6YGB)
  • Mystery vs. Monster (899ZZPJXX)
  • Epic Ice World (EJMB5YG46)

The Glitch’s Picks:

  • Bam! Sparkly Racing (7K94V6BW7)
  • Ninja vs. Enemy (D4AE5499B)
  • Bacon Across Bunny (ZDK6R5487)

The Great Foodini’s Picks:

  • Epic Sidekick Spring (D8P8XBPPG)
  • Quick Cookie Pirate (9969YAR99)
  • Crazy Across Kardboard (XGBYKWM5Y)

All three of our Center Stage Illusions will make their way to the front page over the next 12 days – so keep coming back to play your favorites!

Thanks to everyone who entered their game into The Great Foodini’s Magic Show! *Poof!*