What are the benefits of computer science

Computer science is used everywhere and makes things work! Learning programming has obvious benefits like improving logic and math skills. But, coding also has non-obvious benefits such as improving reading comprehension and writing skills. Most importantly programming teaches kids how to break problems down and develop their own solutions.




codeSpark Academy on Tablet

Why the Tablet?

Touch is intuitive and primal. Tablets allow for direct interaction with powerful software and gives kids immediate feedback that improves engagement and learning.



Why teach coding to kids as young as 5?

We start teaching reading, writing and math at an early age precisely because they are hard and require time to master. Now that we’ve created the “ABC’s of computer science” we can let young kids get a head start on mastering a challenging but crucial subject.





Why the codeSpark Curriculum

The codeSpark curriculum is based on the same foundational research that Scratch and ScratchJr are based.  However, we also spent a year refining our approach via paper and digital prototypes and have ultimately produced a custom set of concepts for our 5-8 age target. Our full ten lesson curriculum was developed in conjunction with computer science teachers and professors from Harvey Mudd, Princeton, and Lincoln Public Schools.

Our curriculum also follows Common Core Standards for Mathematics and the Computer Science Teachers Association’s Computer Science Standards.



What do we have for schools and teachers?

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Teacher with Student