5 Fun Ways to Keep Coding Minds Sharp This Summer


It’s Summer!

Summer is officially here! And while it’s great for kids to go outside and have some fun, summer learning loss might result in your child losing up to two months of math and reading skills. 😱  Prevent that learning loss with some fun activities this summer. Instead of drilling your kids with math problems and reading exercises, have your kids try coding – it’s been shown to improve problem solving and reading comprehension skills. Here are some ways to get started:

1. Try an Hour of Code with The Foos

The Foos is an official partner with code.org, which hosts the Hour of Code every December to introduce computer science to kids all over the world. Our Hour of Code activities are available year-round for anyone who’s curious about learning the basics of coding.

What to do: Visit The Foo‘s Hour of Code page to either play The Foos online or on your tablet. Play for an hour and get your Hour of Code certificate!

Why do it: Summer is mostly about having fun and playing. So an hour of doing some coding (in fun game form!) would be enough for your child to exercise those problem solving muscles that may have atrophied over the summer.

Price: Free! 👍

2. Download the full The Foos app

The Foos 1024_300dpi_version

Want more of The Foos? You can download the full app on iOS, Android, or Kindle for more coding fun! Unlike the Hour of Code version, the full version of the game includes 44 puzzles, a mini-game, and a game creator so your kids can code their own video games.

What to do: Download The Foos in the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon App Store. It’s as simple as that!

Why do it: Maybe your child really loves to code, but wants to also make something cool with what he or she has learned. With the game creator, your child can build cool games and share them with thousands of other kids all over the world.

Price: Also free! (so what are you waiting for?)

3. Get some game inspiration

Maybe you want to make a game in The Foos but don’t know what to make. We’ve got some cool game tutorials to give you some gamespiration!

What to do: Watch our YouTube videos Coding with The Foos, and then try those games yourself!

Why do it: Getting started with creating your own games is hard (think Blank Slate Problem), so we tried to solve that problem with some easy to follow tutorials from our development team.

Price: Free (we’re sensing a trend here)

4. Create Your Own Game!

Now that you’ve got some #gamespiration, why not try coding your game? Send us your game code and it might be featured on our social media!

What to do: Create and publish your own Foo game. Email, tweet, or Facebook message us your 9 digit game code to us.

Why do it: Coding is useful only when you apply it to creating something. So help your child exercise their creative muscles by challenging them to code a game. You can even give them a theme (like summer activities) to get them started.

Price: Free (the game creator is in the full version of The Foos)

5. Do some unplugged activities



Maybe your kids are spending too much time looking at screens. Coding doesn’t need to stop when the screens turn off! We have a set of unplugged activities you can do with your kids so they can keep coding.

What to do: Visit our Resources page to download our unplugged activities. You can also visit CS Unplugged for some outdoor coding activities.

Why do it: Maybe you’re traveling somewhere and don’t have internet. Maybe your kids want to play outside. Or maybe you just want your kids to stop staring at a screen for hours. Unplugged activities are a fun way for kids to see that coding concepts don’t have to be on a computer or tablet.

Price: As always, free

What are some of your favorite ways to keep young minds engaged this summer? Let us know!