4 Easy Tips for a Successful Hour of Code


Hour of Code is next week! Here are some tips on how to run a successful Hour of Code event at your school or coding club.

1. Prep for Hour of Code beforehand

Make sure you choose a tutorial, prep all your devices and print any worksheets and certificates before your event. code.org has hundreds of tutorials to choose from for your Hour of Code event. Use the filters to find the right tutorial for your students.

If you need any volunteers for your event, now would be a good time to use code.org’s Volunteer Network.

2. Choose an Hour of Code experience

If you decide to go with codeSpark Academy’s Hour of Code experience, you’ll have two experiences to choose from: Puzzles and Game Maker. Students who need a refresher course on sequencing and loops should start with the Puzzles. Students who are comfortable with those concepts or want to start making cool games with code, start with the Game Maker. You can also check our our infographic on our Hour of Code experiences for more detail.

codeSpark Academy’s two Hour of Code experiences are available only on iOS and Android devices. We also have a web version available, but it only has the first 24 puzzle levels and no Game Maker.

Try out both experiences first and see which one would match your students.  Curriculum for both experiences (in multiple languages!) is available for download.

3. Let kids explore – there’s not just one right answer!

Every coding problem has multiple solutions. Encourage your students to try out different answers in the puzzle experience. If you’re using the Game Maker, they can change the code in their games in the Game Maker to make some cool new games to play.

Coding is hardly a solitary activity in the real world. Pair up students to do some “paired programming” and collaborate on coming up with alternative solutions to the puzzle levels or work together to change up the design and code in their Game Maker game.

4. Beyond an hour

Share your photos of your Hour of Code event with parents, other teachers, and us! Tweet, Facebook, or tag us on Instagram and we’ll send you some stickers for you class.

The Hour of Code was designed to give your students a taste of what coding is like. If you’ve enjoyed using codeSpark Academy’s Hour of Code experience, continue your class’ coding education by registering for a free codeSpark Academy teacher account. A codeSpark Teacher account unlocks the full game for your class for free.

The full game covers not just sequencing and loops but also events, conditionals, and boolean logic. Students will also be able to use the full Game Maker that has hundreds of items and commands they can put into their games.

Have a Foo-tastic Hour of Code!

The ‘Hour of Code™’ is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week and Code.org to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.