And the winners of the Dream a Dream contest are…

What fantastic dreams you all had to share with Dali, Sal, and The Great Foodini!

As the official Dreamland Dream Catchers, we had a fun – but very tough – time finding the winners of the Dream a Dream contest. There were just so many wonderful submissions but we did our best to find the dreamiest levels!

Our Dreamiest Dreams – and winners of 3,000 coins each, a codeSpark Academy t-shirt, and stickers are…

Dali’s Most Creative Dream: Crazy Is Art by King Minidragon (Q7N4K4KV7)

The Great Foodini’s Coolest Coding Dream: Forgotten Magic Bacon by Malik Happypig (P7BRYRYG7)

Sal’s Silliest Dream: What?! Gems Enemy by Chip Pepperpizza (V75PJ66QD)

We also have our Daydreams – all of them winners of 2,000 coins each and exclusive codeSpark Academy stickers!

Dail’s Daydreams:

  • Happy Heart Village by Kimani Looneybunny (Z7KB6KBZD)
  • Awesome Little Legend by Rocket Keeplepants (JDZZYZRED)
  • Elephant Happy Donut by Puffy Winterdot (9DXN4NBKD)

The Great Foodini’s Daydreams:

  • Metal Beyond Octopus by President Goldpants (V75PJNQND)
  • Aim Hat Block by Sparks Blueless (97XNJZJG7)
  • Ghost Friendly Dog by Mc Fuzzytea (MDQPJKQJ7)

Sal’s Daydreams:

  • Cat Tiny Maria by Sugar Sparkledoll (6D8Y5NJG7)
  • Stinky Metal Kablooey by Honorable Archaroo (K7646EMA7)
  • Look Rainbow Land by Boss Snazzyteeth (MDYZ6EY87)

All three of our Dreamiest Dreams will be featured on the codeSpark Academy Billboard over the rest of the month of September and all of the levels listed above will be featured in our Foosletter! Winners will be contacted and prizes will be awarded within the next week.

Thanks to all of our Dream Coders who helped Dali dream a little dream!